Why should the electronic wire be tinned?

Tue Oct 12 18:25:59 CST 2021

  The joints of the electronic wires will be tinned, why should the electronic wires be tinned? First of all, the main effect of tin treatment on electronic wires is to resist oxidation and increase the hardness of the thread.

  1. Generally, multi-strand copper core wires are tinned.

  2. The multi-strand wire is composed of many thin wires, so the surface area is large, and the single-filament copper is relatively easy to oxidize and produce patina, which will affect the electrical connection.

  3. After tinning, the multi-strand wire becomes a "single strand", so the surface area is reduced and the oxidation of the copper wire is reduced.

  4. After hanging the tin, the wire end will be harder than before, and it is more arbitrarily inserted into the terminal to increase installation efficiency, and there will be no thin copper wire end at the connection, which increases safety.

  If there is no tinning treatment, the wire joints are prone to oxidation and virtual connection, even sparking, and accidents.