About Us

DONGGUAN VANHOPE ELECTECH CO.,LTD. was established in 2011. It is an OEM/ODM company specializing in R&D, design, production, and sales of automobiles, computer peripherals, mobile phone communications, medical care, audio and video connections.

The factory is located in Room 502, Building 3, No.2 Goose Room Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China (Duo Bao Industrial Park), Chashan Town. The plant area is 3000 square meters. Production personnel have undergone professional training. Have professional production equipment and complete testing equipment.

Products are widely used in the fields of driving recorders, car navigation, automatic door sensors, monitoring equipment, financial terminal equipment, communication equipment, water heaters, communication servers, network energy, ATM teller machines, etc.

ISO9001、The permit of import and export

Terminal machine、Wire cutting machine、Peeling machine、Injection molding machine、Winding machine、Twisting machine、Labeling machines、Soldering Machine、Baking machine、Shredder、Comprehensive testing machine.

Our products are mainly sold to Japan, while maintaining long-term stable cooperative relations with customers. Customers also highly appreciate the quality of our products.

Pre-sales service:

1.Our products will provide product-related test reports before they leave the factory

2. When our products are delivered, we will arrange a dedicated person to deliver the goods to the customer's designated location, and communicate with the customer on the freight situation in time.

In-sales service:

During the product manufacturing process, the relevant personnel of the customer are invited to our company to check the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and provide the relevant technical personnel of the customer with the product inspection standards and inspection results.

After-sales service:

1. Our company conducts a comprehensive performance test on the product before leaving the factory and provides a written product test report.

2. When our products are shipped, we will send a special person to the customer's designated location to check the delivery.

3. Our company has set up a complaint hotline and email address. If you are not satisfied with our product quality and after-sales service, you can make a complaint, and our company will deal with it in a timely and serious manner.

4. Our company regularly communicates with customers to understand the use of products, and colleagues solicit quality and technical improvements in order to better serve customers.