What is the difference between terminal wires & connectors?

Sat Dec 04 18:39:27 CST 2021

What is terminal wires ? Such as data lines and computer lines. Which is used to transmit current and connect parts of the connector assembly.

1. The harness plug is male, and the housing is female.

2. Two parts can be distinguished by the appearance and shape, the pointed one is generally male, and the round hole one is ordinary  female.

3. It can be distinguished by size, as a general rule, the smaller head is male, and the larger one is female.

Benefits of using terminal wires

1. Improve the productive  process.The terminal lines simplify  the assembly process of electronic products. They also simplify the mass productive process.

2. Easy to maintain. If an electronic component fails, the failed part can be quickly replaced when the terminal  wire is installed.

3. Easy to upgrade.With the advancement of technology, the components can be updated when the terminal wire is installed, and more complete new ones can  replace the old ones.

4. Improve design flexibility.Terminal wires enable engineers have more room to flexibility in designing and integrating new products or composing systems .