What is the VGA interface cable?

Fri Aug 27 15:36:34 CST 2021

  1.VGA interface cable

  VGA is a video graphics array, which has the advantages of high resolution, fast display rate, and rich colors. The VGA interface is not only the standard interface of CRT display equipment, but also the standard interface of LcD liquid crystal display equipment. With the development of the electronic industry and video image processing technology, VGA (Video Graphics Array) is used as a standard display interface in video and computer The field has been widely used.

  2.Features of VGA interface cable

  This kind of interface is the most important interface on computer monitors. Since the era of huge CRT monitors, VGA interface has been used, and has been in use ever since. In addition, VGA interface is also called D-Sub interface. Judge whether the graphics card is a standalone or integrated graphics card from the interface. The vertical display of the VGA interface means the integrated graphics card, and the horizontal position of the VGA interface means the independent graphics card.