What is the USB Type-B interface cable?

Thu Aug 19 18:25:06 CST 2021

  1 .Introduction

  USB interface connectors are very versatile in modern life and have become the main connection device for data transmission and communication between PCs and other electronic devices. Types are mainly divided into three categories: USB Type-A interface connector, USB Type-B interface connector and USB Type-C interface connector. Among them, the USB Type-B connector is mainly used for large-scale equipment, and the most common one is printer equipment.

  2. There are two main versions of USB Type-B

  1、The first is a square USB Type-B connector, which is usually used for USB 2.0 or lower.

  2、The second type is the USB Type-B connector, which is usually used for USB 3.0 or higher.

  Although the USB2.0 Type-B connector is backward compatible with USB 1.0, it may not be forward compatible with some USB Type-B ports of USB 3.0. The USB Type-B port used for USB 3.0 was later modified to be backward compatible with USB 2.o and USB Type-B interface connectors. In addition to the different dimensions, the USB Type-B connector for USB 3.0 usually comes with a blue plug.