What is the DC line?

Thu Jul 29 17:22:37 CST 2021

Everyone knows that the electricity we currently use is actually AC and DC. The so-called DC line is the wire that transmits direct current. All wires connected to the DC power supply can be collectively referred to as DC wires.

1.Classification of DC lines:

Dc power cord、Dc connection line、Dc plug cord、There are several kinds of dc charging cables;There are also dc waterproof cables, dc connecting cables and so on.

2. The life use of the DC line

1. DC output: The DC line can transfer the switching power supply or transformer through the AC/DC current to other places, such as LCD monitors, surveillance cameras, notebook computers, and equipment controller power supplies.

2. Charging mobile phones and digital cameras: In addition to our usual mobile phone charging using the DC cable, it can also be used to transfer data.

3.DC line application

DC lines are currently widely used in digital products, small home appliances, and testing. At present, DC line applications are basically used in power output and charging of various digital products and small home appliances.