What is a high temperature terminal wire?

Wed Sep 22 20:00:20 CST 2021

  The high temperature resistant terminal wire is made of special high temperature resistant insulating material. It is widely used in circuit connection devices between various electronic instruments, electronic equipment in sealed containers, and power supplies.

  The basic characteristics of high temperature resistant terminal wire: high insulation; high temperature resistance; high purity; high radiation resistance; low moisture absorption; high strength, stable size; low noise, good self-lubricating performance; corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, No pollution, suitable for environmental protection.

  Application of high temperature resistant terminal line: widely used in audio products, digital machines, cameras, car audio, televisions, typewriters, calculators, cash registers, telephones, copiers, printers, wireless instruments and other electronic products.

  The characteristics of the high temperature resistant terminal line: the high temperature resistant terminal line has the characteristic structure of good solderability, and also has the enhanced characteristics.