What is a USB Type-A interface cable?

Wed Aug 18 14:40:05 CST 2021


  USB Type A is the most widely used interface and is commonly used in PC PCs. Interfaces allow you to connect devices from your mouse, keyboard, USB drive, and more to your computer. Type-A interface is divided into A-type USB plug and A-type USB socket two categories, we are generally referred to as male and female. Generally on the line is the male port (plug), the machine is the mother port (socket). Public mouth and mother mouth we often use M, F means, A/M refers to A-type male head, A/F refers to A-type mother.


  (2)The benefits of USB Type A

  1, can be hot-swappable. Allows the user to plug in the USB cable when using an external device, directly on the PC.

  2, easy to carry. USB devices are mostly "small, light, thin" and are half as light as IDE hard drives compared to 20G hard drives.

  3.Standard uniformity. Application peripherals can be connected to PCs using the same standards, such as USB drives, USB mice, USB printers, and so on.

  4, can connect a number of devices. USB often has multiple interfaces on a PC that can connect several devices at the same time. If you connect a USB HUB with 4 ports, you can connect another 4 USB devices.