What is a VGA cable?

Wed Jan 05 14:41:28 CST 2022

VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable, including VGA interface and connecting cable, but usually refers to VGA interface, also called D-Sub interface. The VGA interface is the interface for outputting analog signals on the graphics card. Although the LCD monitor can directly receive digital signals, many low-end products use the VGA interface in order to match the VGA interface graphics card. The VGA interface is a D-type interface with a total of 15 pins on it, divided into three rows, five in each row.


Various VGA cables can support multiple resolutions, ranging from 320×400px @ 70 Hz / 320x480px @ 60 Hz (12.6 MHz signal bandwidth ) to 1280×1024px ( SXGA ) @ 85 Hz (160 MHz) and up to 2048×1536px ( QXGA ) @ 85 Hz (388 MHz). Shorter VGA cables are unlikely to introduce significant signal degradation. High-quality cables should not be affected by signal crosstalk, so the signal in one wire will cause unwanted current or ghosting in adjacent wires . When the impedance does not match (the specification is 75 ohms (Ω)) causing the signal to be reflected, ghosting occurs.