What is HDMI Type C mini interface cable?

Thu Aug 26 10:15:27 CST 2021

  1.HDMI cable

  HDMI cable is the abbreviation of high-definition multimedia interface cable, which can transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data with high quality, and the maximum data transmission speed is 5Gbps. At the same time, there is no need to perform digital/analog or analog/digital conversion before signal transmission, which can ensure the highest quality video and audio signal transmission.

  2.HDMI C Type

  Type C (Type C) is for small equipment, its size is 10.42×2.4 mm, which is nearly 1/3 smaller than Type A, and its application range is very small. There are 19 pins in total, which can be said to be a reduced version of HDMI A type, but the pin definition has changed. Mainly used in portable devices, such as DV, digital cameras, portable multimedia players, etc. Now SONYHDR-DR5EDV uses this specification connector as the video output interface. (Some people often refer to this specification as mini-HDMI, which can be regarded as a self-created name, in fact, HDMI does not have this name officially)