What is HDMI TYPE A interface cable?

Mon Aug 23 18:22:34 CST 2021

  HDMI A Type

  Among them, Type A (Type A) is the most common. Generally flat-panel TVs or video devices provide interfaces of this size. Type A has 19 pins, a width of 13.9 mm, and a thickness of 4.45 mm. The device that can be seen now 99% are HDMI of this size Interface.

  Although the HDMI interfaces are different, the functions are the same. Usually, the quality of the HDMI interface is not less than 5000 times of plugging and unplugging. It can be used for 10 years when plugging and unplugging every day. It should be said that it is very durable. It is also worth mentioning that HDMI can be backward compatible with the DVI interface. Some older DVI devices can be connected through commercially available HDMI-DVI adapters, because DVI also uses the TMDS method. After the device is connected, DVI devices will be found There is no CEC (consumer electronics control) function, nor can it accept audio signals, but it basically does not affect the transmission of video signals (gray adjustment may be required), so some monitors with only DVI interface can also be connected to HDMI devices.