What does PH mean in the PH terminal line?

Wed Sep 29 15:58:35 CST 2021

  What do PH, XH and SM in the PH terminal line mean? Different connecting machines in the terminal line have alphanumeric characters in the name. PH, XH, SM terminal lines, etc. are a series of connectors of different types and pitches produced by JST (Japan Solderless Terminal Japan Crimping Terminal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) Material number, because JST company uses a lot, many domestic manufacturers are referring to the industry leader JST, and most of them use this code name, add PH, XH, SM and other codes after their product naming, the purpose is to facilitate the type selection It is more convenient to know what series of products it matches with JST, so this naming method has become a common usage in the industry.

  Each code name is a series of products, the big difference between them is that the pitch is different.

  FH generally has a pitch of 0.5mm

  SH generally has a spacing of 1.0mm

  The general spacing of GH is 1.25mm

  ZH generally has a spacing of 1.5mm

  PH general spacing is 2.0mm

  The general spacing of EH/XH is 2.5/2.54mm

  VH generally has a pitch of 3.96mm