What are the types of connection lines?

Wed Aug 04 16:36:15 CST 2021

1. Display cable:

Connect the data cable of the host and the display, and connect the power cable of the power supply.

2. Printer connection line:

Connect the cable between the printer and the computer. Generally divided into two types: USB printing cable and parallel printing cable.

3. USB printing cable:

Generally, one port is a USB port to connect to a computer, and the other is a PIN5 port to connect to a printer.

4. Parallel port printing line:

Refers to a printing line that uses parallel transmission to transmit data.

5. PCB board interface:

PCB board connection line, also called terminal connection line, is a connection line processed by needle holders, rubber shells, terminals, wires, and is generally widely used inside equipment.

6. Male and female connection line:

The meaning of the male-female connection line is very simple, that is, a connection line composed of a male connector and a female connector, which is called a male-female connection line. Commonly used male-female connection wires are DC wires and terminal male-bus wires, which are used to connect LED lights and drive power.