The function and role of the wire harness

Tue Oct 26 17:46:59 CST 2021

  First, the function and role of the wiring harness

  1. Wire harness is an indispensable system-level component in electrical appliances.

  2. Its function is to provide and distribute power for various electrical systems, and at the same time as a medium for signal transmission between various components.

  3. The headlights get power and need to be connected to the battery or generator through a wire harness.

  4. In order to light up the light, BCM must recognize the intention of the control system, and the signal interaction between the combination switch and the BCM also needs to pass the wiring harness.

  2. Components of electrical wiring harness

  1. There are many types of low-voltage wiring harness components, including wires, connectors, terminals, fuse boxes, relays, fuses, plastic brackets, metal brackets, PVC insulating tubes, corrugated tubes, heat shrinkable tubes, sealing rings, rubber sleeves, tapes, and ties Belts, protective covers, bolts, etc.

  2. The automobile wiring harness is composed of wires, connectors, wiring harness wrappers, wiring harness fixtures and wiring harness accessories.