The basic classification of 4 kinds of electronic connecting wire terminals

Mon Jul 26 11:53:25 CST 2021

1. Female terminal and male terminal of electronic connection line

Most of the electronic connection wire terminals are mating terminals. That is: it is a type that has a docking terminal that combines with this object to perform its function. Therefore,the name of the electronic connection wire terminal generally has an F or M mark.

2.Direct feeding terminal and electronic connecting wire horizontal feeding terminal

According to the state of the electronic connection wire terminal before crimping, it can be divided into direct feeding terminal and horizontal feeding terminal. The so-called direct feed terminal means that each end is connected end to end, and the roll is cut off at the same time when it is pressed on the reel. The so-called horizontal feed terminal refers to the arrangement of the specified spacing and there is a strip connected at the end of the terminal.