How to wire the terminal line?

Wed Oct 13 18:32:14 CST 2021

The terminal wire is actually a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends to insert the wire. There are screws for fastening or loosening. Sometimes it needs to be connected, sometimes it needs to be disconnected. You can use the terminal to connect them. And can be disconnected at any time without welding them.


The terminal line is suitable for the interconnection of wires. The power industry has special terminal blocks and terminal boxes. The above are all terminals, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, breakable, etc. A certain crimping area is to ensure reliable contact and to ensure that sufficient current can pass.

To use terminal wires, the materials that need to be prepared include: terminal blocks, screwdrivers, and wires.

1. First, strip off the insulation sheath of the wire by 6-8 mm.

2. Then insert the exposed wire into the terminal.

3. Then tighten the screws on the top with a screwdriver.

4. Pull it with your hand to make sure it will not fall.

5. Then press the switch and see that the light is on, so that the wiring of the terminal line is completed.