How to crimp the terminal?

Mon Aug 02 10:35:56 CST 2021

Crimping specifications of various parts:

1. Terminal mating area ----- There is no crushing, damage, distortion or deformation.

2. Shrapnel ------------ No deformation, no change in upturned height.

3. Core wire observation window ---- The core wire of the wire must be visible, and the exposed range of the core wire is 0.2-1.0mm.

4. The core wire crimping part ------ must be completely closed and contain all the core wires, and the insulating sheath cannot be seen.

5. Bell mouth ---------- The rear bell mouth must be visible, and the best size range is 0.1-0.4mm. 6. Insulation observing window - the best size a is equal to b, and the core copper wire and the insulating sheath must be visible at the same time.

7. Insulation crimping part ---- It must be riveted tightly, and the wires must not move.

8. Material tape ------------ The size range of the front material tape is 0-0.3mm, and the size range of the back end is 0-0.5 mm