Four categories of terminal wiring harness

Fri Sep 03 18:04:00 CST 2021

  1. Car terminal wiring harness: special S-terminal cable for DVD sun shield, RCA dust-proof cable, female AV cable, multi-bit audio combination cable, DVD power signal cable, DVDS terminal wiring harness signal output cable, GPS audio and video multi-function cable, GPS multi-function power cord and so on.

  2. Digital terminal wiring harness: E-MARK slingshot cigarette lighter cable, AV cable, cigarette lighter cable, terminal wiring harness stereo straight (elbow) cable, MINI5PUSBTOUSBAF adapter (line), eight-core slingshot cable, USBTOUSBAM (AF ) Adapter cable and so on.

  3. Wire harness for connecting terminals in the machine: RJ45 signal line, DB gray cable, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, PH2.0, XH2.5, JC20, JC2.5, 5557 terminal cable, DuPont 2.0\2.54, IDC yellow cable Cable, O-type terminal cable, ATA transfer cable, high temperature resistant combination cable, large power cabinet cable, display cable, etc.

  4. Security monitoring terminal wiring harness: big D head to aviation head line, COMS power cord, waterproof line, BNC extension cord, BNC inter-frequency line, PCB board DC power cord, DS terminal to cable B Dongguan terminal line.