Definition and classification of DC lines

Tue Oct 19 17:16:17 CST 2021

  Definition and classification of DC line: DC means direct current in English, so DC line refers to DC line, also called constant current, a current whose magnitude and direction do not change with time. It is a closed conductive loop formed by a DC power supply and resistance. The uses are diversified and the price is cheap, which is very conducive to people’s daily life.

  Definition and classification of DC lines: Currently, they are mainly used in digital products, small household appliances and testing. They are used for power output and charging of various digital products and small household appliances. Although the function is simple, it is indispensable. The DC line can also transfer the switching power supply or transformer through the DC current to other places, such as the power supply of liquid crystal displays, surveillance cameras, and equipment controllers.

  Definition and classification of DC cords: DC cords are divided into DC power cords, DC connecting cords, DC plug cords, DC charging cords, DC waterproof cords, and so on.