Common causes of damage to the terminal harness

Mon Oct 11 18:05:25 CST 2021

  In general, the wiring harness loop detection platform is used to detect wrong and open circuits.

  1. The terminal wiring harness is burned out, and the burning speed is relatively fast, generally there is no safety device. In the circuit of the power system, where the iron is grounded, it will burn where it is. At the junction of the burned out and the intact place, the wire grounding in this place is the ground; if the terminal harness is burned to the wiring part of a certain electrical equipment If so, it means that the electrical equipment is malfunctioning.

  2. The terminal wiring harness was squeezed and impacted from the outside, so that the wire insulation layer inside was damaged, causing a short circuit between the wires, and the fuse was blown. Most of the faults occur in the connector, which makes the electrical equipment not work properly. When judging, turn on the power of the electrical equipment, pull or touch the relevant connector of the electrical equipment. When a certain connector is touched, the electrical equipment suddenly can work, and suddenly it can’t work. It means that the connector is malfunctioning.