Bad terminal crimping factors (3)

Thu Aug 26 14:39:36 CST 2021

  1.Exposed core

  It means that the state where one or more core wires are exposed from the conductor grip is called exposed core wires.

  Only the exposed core wire will cause the wire to become thinner. In addition, if the core wire compression tendency of the crimping part is loose, the resistance will increase, not to mention the tensile strength will be weakened. It is easier to find when it is obvious, but in most cases Bottom, the surface of the gripping part may crush or break the core wire. The state of the new core wire described in the following note is difficult to find.

  2.Excessive core wire exposure

  Even if the covering position is correct, if the exposed size of the core wire is too long, it will cause excessive core wire exposure, poor fitting, nail removal, poor terminal installation, etc. It is very likely to occur.

  3.No core wire exposed

  This refers to the state where the thread opening is not exposed at all. It will increase the resistance of the crimping part and weaken the tensile strength.

  3.Uneven cores (cores lead out)

  It means that the wire opening of the wire is pressed when the core wire is not neat, and one (or more than one) of the exposed core wire is in a long state, which may form a short circuit with other circuits, poor fitting, and loose nails. Wait bad.