Bad terminal crimping factors (2)

Mon Aug 16 15:39:13 CST 2021

Bitten by the skin (deep beating)

  It refers to the phenomenon that the conductor gripping part grabs the coating (rubber). There is a coating inside the conductor gripping part, which is not only easy to break, if the crimping is too tight, the contact between the core wire and the terminal will be reduced, resulting in extreme resistance Increased height will cause large-scale accidents such as heat and burns. When the skin is occluded, as shown in the figure below, it is easier to find when all occluded, but as shown in the figure on the right, the conductor grasping part may also have a state of being bitten off under certain circumstances. In this case, it is difficult to find. Notice. Therefore, there is a reason why the ratio of core wire and covering is expected to be 1:1.

Wire backward (light hitting)

  It refers to the state where the position of the wire is deviated, and the tip of the core wire is not visible from the tip of the conductor grip.

  Due to the reduction of the effective pressing area, not only the tensile.

  Neck hanging refers to the phenomenon that the covering (peeling) is separated from the insulating grip. Due to external forces, It is the cause of wire breakage at the edge of the grip.