Application common sense of wire harness processing

Tue Feb 22 10:55:09 CST 2022

1: The wire is stained with tin

Once the wire is stained with tin, it may cause the PVC to shrink when heated. In such a situation, choose temperature-resistant PVC, and control the time for tinning to not be too long.

2: How to do CABLE line reliability test

General swing test conditions: parameters such as swing frequency, load of hoisting and minimum number of swings required. The conditions of the hoisting test include three parameters: the hoisting load, the hoisting time, and the displacement size after the hoisting.

3: The label is not sticky

If the label is not sticky, you can stick it on a clean metal first, and then stick it on the line one by one.

4: The tension is not enough after crimping

Find the reasons from the following aspects: whether the crimping range of the terminal and the wire conductor is suitable; the material of the blade and the design of its structure; the material of the terminal, etc.

5: The terminal is removed from the PIN when the plastic shell is worn

When wearing the plastic shell, the terminal will often come off the PIN. It only needs to have a pullback action every time it is inserted into a hole.