6 major applications of wire harnesses

Fri Sep 24 18:23:30 CST 2021

  The six main applications of wire harnesses:

  1. Motor: Commodity motor, industrial product motor, automobile motor.

  2. Office: printers, copiers, scanners.

  3. Industry: inkjet bar code printers, laser printers, industrial power supplies, power protectors, testing equipment.

  4. Finance: ATM machines, cash registers, terminals.

  5. Medical treatment: monitors, anesthesia machines, digital ultrasound machines, blood/biochemical analyzers, radiological imaging equipment.

  6. IT products: notebook computers, multimedia speakers, monitors, mobile phones, power supplies, security equipment.

  Electronic wiring harness processing is often used in the machinery industry, using advanced production technology and standard production lines. However, electronic wiring harnesses are different from ordinary commodities. The use and requirements are certain. We need to determine the length, specifications and some details of the electronic circuit to purchase according to the requirements. We also need to carefully consider their functions and existing safety issues.