5 ways to deal with electromagnetic interference with wiring harness

Thu Sep 09 18:37:31 CST 2021

  1. Shielding interference source equipment and related wiring harness: The main electronic control system in the car should be encapsulated with a shielding shell.

  2. Increasing wire harness filtering: for longer wire harnesses, filtering should be added to the wire harness. It is more convenient to socket a suitable ferrite magnetic ring.

  3. Reasonably plan the wiring harness: the wiring harness layout makes the low-power sensitive circuit close to the signal source.

  4. Improve the grounding of equipment: The grounding of automotive electronic equipment is mainly connected to the nearest car body and the wiring harness shielding layer.

  5. Reduce the area of ​​the wire harness receiving interference: use a power supply method with a small loop area such as a twisted pair. Increase the distance between the device and the interference source: Under the condition that the layout of the interference device remains unchanged, modify the installation position of sensitive components to increase the distance to the interference source.