5 advantages of terminal wire gold plating

Mon Dec 06 20:40:24 CST 2021

5 advantages of terminal wire gold plating

1. Improve the solderability of the terminal wire.

 If the part’s surface is plated with a certain thickness of tin, gold or other substances, it could be soldered easier.

2.Protect the terminal reeds from corrosion.

Most terminal reeds are made of copper alloy, so they would be corroded usually. If the terminal wire is plated with gold or tin, it could be prevented from corrosion.

3. Optimize the appearance function of the terminal wire and establish the contacting surface between terminals, then it is easier to complete the contacting of metals.

4. Enhance the conductivity of the terminal wire

The conductivity of phosphorous copper is generally below 20%, which couldn’t meet low impedance requirements of connectors. Therefore, the impedance can be reduced after the surface layer is electroplated with high-conductivity metals such as gold.

5. Increase the electroplating adhesion of the terminal wire such as the copper. If the adhesion of the metal is weak, the copper base is often required to  improve it before electroplating.