4 classifications of automotive wiring harnesses

Tue Sep 14 16:11:48 CST 2021

  1. Automobile wiring harness. The main wiring harness of the whole vehicle is usually composed of engine, instrument, lighting, air conditioner, auxiliary electrical appliances, etc.

  2. Automobile air-conditioning wiring harness. Different specifications are suitable for instrument lights, indicator lights, door lights, top lights, license plate lights, front and rear small lights, production lights, turn signals, fog lights, headlights, horns, and engines.

  3. Automobile switch wiring harness. The wiring harness is marked with signs, numbers and letters, and correctly connected to the corresponding wires and electrical devices. The same circuit is distinguished by the same wire color.

  4. Automobile headlight wiring harness. The engine wiring harness is wrapped with a threaded tube. The front cabin line is wrapped with flame-retardant threaded pipe or PVC pipe. The instrument cable is completely wrapped or pattern wrapped with tape. The door line and canopy line are wrapped with tape or industrial plastic cloth; the thin canopy line is covered with sponge tape. The chassis line is wrapped with a corrugated tube.