4 advantages of USB 3.0 data cable

Thu Dec 23 17:04:45 CST 2021

1. Can be hot-swappable. That is, when the user uses an external device, he does not need to shut down and restart the device, but directly plug in the USB when the computer is working.

2. Easy to carry. USB devices are mostly known for being "small, light, and thin", which is very convenient for users to carry large amounts of data with them. Of course, the USB hard drive is the first choice.

3. Uniform standards. All common IDE hard disk interface, serial mouse, keyboard, printer parallel port scanner, but later with USB, all these applications can use the same peripherals

connected like a standard personal computer, then there will be a USB hard disk, USB mouse, USB printer, etc.

4. Multiple devices can be connected. USB often has multiple interfaces on personal computers, which can connect several devices at the same time. If you connect a USB HUB with four ports, you can connect four more USB devices.