3 basic performances of terminal blocks

Mon Sep 06 19:05:26 CST 2021

  Terminals mainly have 3 basic properties: mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental properties.

  1. Electrical performance

  When the terminal is used as a connecting wire, first of all, the performance must be the electrical performance.

  Mainly include: contact resistance, insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

  1. Contact resistance, high-quality electrical connectors should have low and stable contact resistance.

  2. Insulation resistance, a measure of the insulation performance between terminal contacts and between the contacts and the shell.

  3. The dielectric strength is the withstand voltage and the dielectric withstand voltage.

  2. Mechanical properties

  The mechanical performance mainly includes the insertion force and the mechanical life of the connector. The insertion and extraction force and mechanical life of the terminal are related to the contact structure (positive pressure), the coating quality of the contact part (the sliding friction coefficient ) and the dimensional accuracy (alignment) of the contact arrangement.

  3. Environmental performance

  Common environmental properties include: temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration and shock resistance, etc.